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OpenRV Artist Docs

OpenRV Addon - 1.0.0

OpenRV integration

Open RV is an image and sequence viewer for VFX and animation artists. Open RV is high-performant, hardware accelerated, and pipeline-friendly.

AYON global tools


When you launch OpenRV you will be met with the Workfiles app. If you don't have any previous workfiles, you should create initial one or just close this window. Created workfile with proper naming is necessary for publishing though.

You should find Ayon menu next to Window. All Ayon target publish operations are triggered from there.


You can load any image, image sequences or movies (.mov, .mp4) via Load option in Ayon menu.

Ayon Loader

(You could confirm or re-arrange order of loaded elements in Tools > Session Manager).


Manage options prints a list of loaded elements and allows to update them to latest version if necessary.

Ayon Scene Inventory


Whenever you are ready to publish final product of a review, press Publish button. This will open Publisher dialog.

An instance of workfile product type will be created automatically for you. This a primary product type that gets versioned and tracked in Ayon. It produces versioned .rv workfile.

Ayon Publish

Hit Publish button in bottom right corner whenever ready. If there are no validation issues, workfile instance should be published and current working workfile versioned up.